It was in sitting quietly with her that I stopped looking at her work with my mind, and her paintings were somehow transformed. The stripes became less like lines on canvas and more like gentle sound waves or frequencies. There was a bliss and lightness that I didn’t expect, as if underneath each disciplined line was its opposite–the dissolving of discipline, so that only feeling remained. A feeling not unlike love itself.
— Patricia Garcia-Gomez, Art & Auction Magazine

Every time I re-listen to my conversation with Agnes Martin, I learn something new….

Agnes Martin, She loves love

In 2002, I spent the day with Agnes Martin, who was 90 years old at the time. This is a story about this visit. Photos published in
Art + Auction, full story Zoozoom Magazine, Agnes Martin, She loves love, reproduction of audio/visual story below. (Have patience, this story was published before the internet was truly multimedia.)