I want to prove to people that they make responses way beyond their conscious lives.
— Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin paints frequencies

In 2002, I spent the day with Agnes Martin, who was 90 years old at the time. We washed down chocolate cake with red wine (a less-than-minimalist treat), visited her home, and sat amongst her work at the Harwood Museum. Seven paintings, all graduations of light blue and white, form a sort of meditational semi-circle in an octagon shaped room. It was in sitting quietly with her that I stopped looking at her work intellectually, and her paintings were somehow transformed. The stripes became less like lines on canvas and more like gentle sound waves or frequencies. There was a bliss and lightness that I didn't expect, as if underneath each disciplined line was its opposite–the dissolving of discipline, so that only feeling remained. A feeling not unlike love itself.

– Excerpt from Agnes Martin, She loves love, click on full story below.



Agnes Martin, She loves love

Video reproduction of Agnes Martin: She loves love, published in Zoozoom magazine in 2002.