Call of the Naxos moon

Sound installation
Bazeos Tower 2018

Call of the Naxos Moon is an invitation to listen.

Set in a former monastery, the room is constructed of found and created totems. The voice calls to the seven cosmic sounds which hold all the key frequencies of our inner and outer nature. This is a unique process by which one can experience the absolute “unstruck sound,” which we understand as "silence."

Visitors are encouraged to accept the sounds as they are. There is nothing to do. Just listen.




Call of the Naxos moon is an original composition, designed in collaboration with musician/composer/vocalist Prassanna Vishwanathan. The vocal meditation was recorded in the early mornings at the Bazeos Tower, a former monastery in Naxos, Greece. It is at this time of day that the air moving through the space is most perceptible. It is also the time of birds.

The vocal meditation gains its power through its lineage. Meditated upon by many sages and wisdom mothers, the seven notes of the Indian music scale–Sa, Re , Ga , Ma , Pa , Dha , Ni–are the sonic structure of each of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether) merging into one other.



This work was created in residence at the Bazeos Tower, a former monastery in Naxos, Greece. Five artists, including myself, were invited to live in the tower, respond to its inspirations, and fill it with site-responsive work. We had 21 days from arrival to opening night. The theme–Around & About–is about establishing a creative dialogue with our natural surroundings, the history, and the characteristics of the environment. In my work, I explore the notion of moving portraits, invite people listen, and bring into awareness the things that the eye/mind might miss or not perceive completely.

Bazeos Tower

The Bazeos Tower is a creative space and cultural center located in the heart of Naxos, Greece (in the area leading to the coast of Agiassos). The tower dates back to the 17th century and belongs to the most typical group of monuments in Naxos, dating from 13th to the 18th century. Each year, a select number of international artists are invited to participate in an art residency and fill the space with site-responsive works.

Curator: Mario Vazaios Vice curator: Klaus Pfeiffer
Technical curator: Katerina Zourari

Huge thanks to Prassanna Vishwanathan @prassv for the collaboration and kindred spirit across India, New York, and Greece, and to the Bazeos Tower team: Curator: Mario Vazaios; Vice curator: Klaus Pfeiffer; Technical curator: Katerina Zourari.